Implementing extended reality systems to train a new generation of blue-collar workers

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Who We Are

XR Works is a workforce development company that delivers custom extended reality (XR) software solutions as well as proven XR learning methods with the aim of vetting, training, and preparing low-income individuals for blue-collar work. We want to connect emerging technology vendors, local government, and industry leaders with an energetic urban workforce.

Traditionally, workforce development programs have functioned less as roads and more as roadblocks for eager job-seekers, making it nearly impossible for individuals and families living in poverty to advance their socioeconomic strata. Limited resources, such as adequate transportation, money, and time, have rendered the conventional in-person program as ineffective and privileged.

XR Works seeks to bring these programs home, where limited resources become inconsequential in light of a person’s desire to succeed. More specifically, we want to implement and provide virtual and augmented reality tools that would efficiently and effectively train potential workers in the convenient context of their residence. Such at-home prep tools have shown great promise in delivering powerful educational experiences.

In short, we serve as a crossroads between government development programs, emerging technology vendors, and industry leaders. Our hope is to train and prepare an energetic urban workforce with a method that’s more comfortable and useful for them.


Workforce Training

Training programs will be designed for each specific role.

XR Training

Through our partnership with the technology industry, we will provide you with the training needed to successfully implement this new method.

Emerging Technology

All XR and emerging technology tools will be provided to candidates and companies.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Phelps

Founder & CEO

Nikki Mehrjerdian

Creative Director

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